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Cancer Control: Proceedings of the 12th International Cancer Congress, Buenos Aires, (Its Advances in medical oncology, research, and education ; v.
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Citing Literature. Chemotherapy of head and neck cancer. Pitfalls in clinical trials. Testicular cancer. Recent results in the chemotherapy of soft tissue sarcoma. Controversy on osteogenic sarcoma. Pharmacology of anticancer agents.

Cancer Control

Bone sarcomas. June 23, Treatment of soft tissue sarcomas. Chemotherapy of ovarian cancer. Clinical activity of new anthracyclines - European Experience. Trials in Soft Tissue Sarcomas. Phase II trials of 4'-epidoxorubicin in colorectal cancer and 4'-deoxydoxorubicin in GI cancer. Experimental and clinical pharmacology of TNO Recent results in the chemotherapy of soft tissue sarcomas.

Gallen, Switzerland, March 1, Controversy in osteogenic sarcoma and chemotherapy of other "pediatric" tumors.

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Adult soft tissue sarcomas. Chemotherapy of soft tissue sarcoma in adults. Assessment of new drugs. Problems in multicentric studies. Adjuvant chemotherapy. New directions in management of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Combined cisplatin and radiation therapy. Drug Resistance. Management of advanced ovarian cancer. Epirubicin in soft tissue sarcomas. International Symposium "Advances in anthracycline chemotherapy: epirubicin", Milan, Italy, June 11, EORTC soft tissue and bone sarcoma group.

Reflection on the past 10 years. Chemotherapy in advanced soft tissue sarcomas. Symposium "Management of soft tissue and bone sarcomas", Utrecht, the Netherlands, June 19, Pharmacology of new drugs. Soft tissue sarcoma. Ovarian and testicular cancer. Review on Phase I and Pharmacological studies. A randomized trial comparing the effect of epirubicin and adriamycin in soft tissue sarcomas. June , Phase I and II studies. Malignant melanoma. Pharmacology of anticancer drugs. Success in Medical Oncology.

Controversy in the gynecological tumors. Advanced Breast Cancer. Chemotherapy of soft tissue and bone tumors. Meeting on Oncology, Coimbra, Portugal, October , Controversies in oncological treatment. Symposium Intervention decisions in primary care, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 26, Recent advances in medical oncology. Tumores Testiculares.

The role of pharmacology in clinical trials with new cytostatic agents. Westdeutsches Tumorzentrum, Essen, Germany, January 27, New Drugs.


Gallen, Switzerland, February 24, Gallen, Switzerland, February 27, Developmental directions of chemotherapy. Future developments in oncology. Preclinical screening and toxicology. New possibilities for chemotherapy, Groningen, the Netherlands, September 4, New drugs in treatment of solid tumors. Symposium on new developments in medical oncology, Forli, Italy, October 3, Development of new-anticancer drugs. Recent results BRM in medical oncology. Basis for therapeutic selectivity of 5-fluorouracil activity by uridine.

Mechanisms of antitumor drug resistance.

Precision Medicine and Cancer - Living with Cancer Symposium 2019

Clinical pharmacology - current status and therapeutic guidelines. Symposium on Methotrexate, Taby, Sweden, April 1, Rationale for use of rescue. New developments in medical oncology. Clinical Pharmacology. A nude mouse-phase II model for human ovarian cancer. Controlled clinical trials, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September , Drug resistance, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September , Characterization and chemotherapy of human soft tissue sarcoma STS lines grown in nude mice.

Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Drugs.

Recent Advances in Breast Cancer Management. Clinical Prospects with Biological Response Modifiers. Goals and Future of Cancer Chemotherapy. Spanish Ministry of Health, Spain, October 16, Phase I Studies and Pharmacology. Developments in the Medical Treatment of Cancer. Biological response modifiers and brain tumours. Pharmacology of anti cancer drugs.

Pharmacology and Cancer Chemotherapy, Ass. Perspective in Medical Oncology. Actualizaciones en el tratamiento de los sarcomas de partes blandas. Actualizaciones en el tratamiento deI cancer con modificadores de la respuesta biologica. New Drugs in the treatment of cancer.

Symposium Recent development in cancer diagnosis and treatment, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, November , Tumors of unknown primary site. Summary and future directions. Secondary tumors in patients treated for head and neck cancer. Ist International Symposium "Advances in the multidisciplinary treatment of head and neck cancers", Barcelona, Spain, April 29, Hypercalcemia in the oncology patient. Methodology in clinical trials. Pharmacology I. Pharmacology II.

Drug resistance: Implications for treatment strategies. Preclinical screening and toxicilogy. Soft tissue sarcomas and malignant melanoma. Drug resistance in chemotherapy. Recent developments in the field of the combat against cancer. Symposium and workshop on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of "Stichting Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds", Curacao, August 12, Cellular pharmacology and drug resistance. New drugs and innovative therapeutic principles in oncology.

EORTC trials of chemotherapy. Biological response modifiers. Multi drug resistance. Functional studies on drug resistance. Chemotherapy of solid tumors: a review. Endocrine therapy of cancer. Functional tests to determine drug resistance. Functional screening for multidrug resistant cells in human malignancies.

Gordon Conference, New Hampshire, U. Correction of anaemia by recombinant human erythropoietin: potential for improved cancer therapy management. Eprex Satellite Symposium.

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Preclinical phase II studies. New frontiers in the therapy of tumors. International multidisciplinary meetings on development '90, Torino, Italy, October , Cellular mechanisms of resistance to drugs. Drug resistance. Mechanisms of resistance to platinum compounds. Platinum derivatives in ovarian cancer. Chemoresistance reversion by modulating agents: evaluation of current clinical trials.

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New frontiers in Clinical Oncology. Molecular approaches. Detection of multidrug resistance in acute myeloid leukemia and human tumor response. Is Europe lagging behind in the area of biotechnology? Perspectives in reversal of anticancer drug resistance. Functional tests in multidrug resistance. Clinical aspects of drug resistance.

Developments in the management of patients with testicular cancer. Multidrug resistance and its circumvention in the clinic: Cutting Edge. Course on Medical Oncology. Dose intensity of chemotherapy in breast cancer. Geneva, Switzerland, November 6, High dose chemotherapy for cancer. New chemotherapeutics. International conference on cancer: Biological mechanisms and clinical application, Rome, Italy, November 18, What's the impact of dose in cancer chemotherapy in solid tumors.

New Drugs in Early Development; educational lecture. Recent developments in the field of dose effect relationship in chemotherapy of breast cancer. Biology of drug resistance.

Multidrug Resistance. New therapeutic orientations in cancer treatment. The clinical role of hematopoietic growth factors. Stockholm, Sweden, July 1, New treatments in soft tissue sarcomas. Strategies in melanoma treatment roundtable. Development in Drugs roundtable.

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