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between German tactical doctrine and that set down in pertinent manuals of the U. S. Army. Ti. S. officers, however, should not be misled by the.
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They provide a basis for incorporating new ideas, technologies, and organizational designs.

Secondly, doctrine consists of tactics, techniques, and procedures TTPs. They support and implement fundamental principles, linking them with associated applications. Tactics are the employment and ordered arrangement of forces in relation to each other. Techniques are non-prescriptive ways or methods used to perform missions, functions, or tasks.

They are the primary means of conveying the lessons learned that units gain in operations. Procedures are standard, detailed steps that prescribe how to perform specific tasks. They normally consist of a series of steps in a set order. Procedures are prescriptive; regardless of circumstances, they are executed in the same manner.

They are often based on equipment and are specific to particular types of units. Finally, doctrine provides a common language for military professionals to communicate with one another. This is particularly important under fire when information must be quickly and accurately transferred—and universally understood. When a mission is given to destroy, clear, or secure an objective there will should be shared understanding by all on the task to be completed.

And yes, doctrine includes our love of acronyms so that we can transfer a lot of information quickly.

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Military symbols are our way of providing common graphical understanding of a myriad of information and provide another way to quickly transfer information. Establishing and using words and symbols with common military meanings enhances communication. It makes a common understanding of doctrine possible. Doctrine provides the ability to take a sketch like the figure below to transfer a massive amount of information.

It enables soldiers to quickly identify the units involved, the main effort, all the missions, the exact tasks to be completed and much more. Sample course of action sketch, FM The importance of this common language cannot be overstated. It allows people from completely different backgrounds social, regional, commissioning sources, etc.

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It enables the Army to communicate quickly even when there is a language barrier such as military international, multinational, non-government partnerships. It provides the lessons from generations of soldiers learned during hard fought battles, campaigns, and wars. Challenge the naysayers who might think they are smart enough to win the next war on the basis of their experience alone.

Encourage all to take advantage of the tools doctrine provides our force.

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An infantryman for the past 23 years, he has held the ranks of private to sergeant first class, and lieutenant to major while serving in ranger, airborne, light, and mechanized infantry units. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U. A very good read and prompt for more discussion beyond references.

Doctrine must be taught but should be considered as a starting point, not a defined and constricted space to initiate military operations. Silver Spring, MD, U. Occasional footnotes.

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Illustrations, Maps. Military doctrine is guidance for conduct of battle approved by the highest military authority. Int he winter of OHL adopted a new defensive doctrine which described an elastic defense-in-depth in response to the Allied offensive tactics during In the winter of , OHL developed a new offensive tactical doctrine in hopes of achieving a decisive victory on the western front. No dust jacket. Cover has some wear and soiling.

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US Army Artillery School. German tactical doctrine , Special Series , no. Military Intelligence Service , War Department. The following partial resume of doctrine taught at the Kriegsakademie is a practical adaptation of relevant parts of Truppenfuhrung the German tactical ' bible ' similar in matter and precept to the U.