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Tesla's Engine: An New Dimension for Power: Jeffery A. Hayes: Books.
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His message, however, was falling on deaf ears. Professor Urey explained that environmentally derived energy production in unlimited quantities had been proven a reality, therefore negating any need for atomic power on earth. He accused the scientific community of being blind to the true and simple facts of energy, stating that nuclear scientists are like children, not knowing the true value of currency. Thinking they are richer with many pennies, rather than a single piece of highly numbered paper.

Professor Urey was, like Tesla, a scientist of the highest integrity.


The scientists, from Franklin to Morse were clear thinkers and did not produce erroneous theories. The scientists of today think deeply, instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be Quite Insane! Visit Seller's Storefront.

Tesla's CTO Wants To Take Batteries To A New Dimension - Business Insider

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If it is lighter than standard, we will issue a shipping discount. This was a Porsche fitted with twin electric motors and kg of old-fashioned lead-acid batteries: a weighty proposition, but one that went on to become the fastest electric car in the world at a drag-racing event in California.

If you are driving, riding or flying it, it's even more exciting and fun," says Mr Straubel, who holds a private pilot's licence. After graduating with a master's degree in energy engineering from Stanford University, he worked with Harold Rosen the designer of the first geosynchronous satellite on a novel hybrid-drive system for cars.

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This used a turbine to generate electricity and a fast-moving flywheel to store and release kinetic energy when needed. Although the innovative combination worked, it was a leap too far for conservative carmakers, which declined to invest in it. Nevertheless, the pair licensed the technology to a company that makes flywheels for commercial vehicles. Mr Straubel and Mr Rosen went on to build a hydrogen-powered electric engine for aircraft, which was subsequently licensed to Boeing.

It was then that Mr Straubel met Mr Musk, a freshly minted multimillionaire from the sale of his PayPal digital-payments company to eBay. But as we were wrapping up, I said I was working on a fun crazy project with cars, trying to build a lithium-ion battery pack that could last 1, miles.

That dream is still some way off.

Tesla's Engine - A new dimension for Power

The Model 3 is likely to have a range of km miles compared with the km claimed for a top-of-the-line Model S. But with Tesla intending to sell ten times as many Model 3s, the need for a reliable battery supplier is paramount. Hence the gigafactory. Tesla will have to innovate in battery chemistry and manufacturing techniques even as it ramps up production. Although the new cells are likely to remain small, their exact specifications are still undecided.

Mr Straubel insists that this strategy is less risky than it might seem. He notes that Model S cells today are produced on equipment very similar to that used for the Roadster cells almost ten years ago, even though the energy from the cells has increased by half and their chemistry has changed substantially.

The Roadster cells used cobalt oxide as a cathode whereas the Model S uses a nickel-cobalt-aluminium oxide.

The difference, says Mr Straubel, is a much improved energy density, a longer lifetime and a higher operating temperature which means less cooling is required. Besides the chemistry, Tesla is also developing other new features for the batteries. The idea is that, benefiting from economies of scale, the gigafactory's cells will be significantly cheaper than those from more established manufacturers. Not everyone agrees. We're at this crossing-point where a small reduction in cost is going to result in a ridiculously big increase in volume, because the auto industry is so big. Not all the cells made by the gigafactory are destined for vehicles.

Some will end up in the company's Superchargers, allowing Tesla to cope with sudden bursts of demand should multiple vehicles need to recharge at once. Others will be used at Tesla's assembly plants to store energy when it is cheap, typically at night, and release it when the price rises.

The use of batteries to store renewable power see "Printing electronics: Chips off the old block" may provide Tesla with its biggest opportunity in the years ahead.

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The potential is huge, says Mr Straubel.