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Whale song is an astonishing world of sound whose existence no one suspected before the s. Its discovery has forced us to confront the possibility of alien.
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I have to say that David Rothenberg did a steller job interviewing many of the well known cetacean researchers and presented facts I did not find this book about whale songs and sounds as gripping as Rothenberg's but the CD of his jams with whales is just as amazing as the CD of his jams with birds.

Whale Song

The book includes a lot more David Rothenberg. In Thousand Mile Song , musician and philosopher David Rothenberg uses the enigma of whale sounds to explore whether we can truly understand nonhuman minds.

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By Gordon Hempton. By Steve Goodman. Traversing philosophy, science, fiction, aesthetics, and popular culture, he maps a dis continuum of vibrational force, encompassing police and military research into acoustic means of crowd control, the corporate deployment of sonic branding, and the intense sonic encounters of sound art and music culture. Goodman concludes with speculations on the not yet heard--the concept of unsound, which relates to both the peripheries of auditory perception and the unactualized nexus of rhythms and frequencies within audible bandwidths.

By Bernie Krause.

Singers of the Sea: songs of whales and whaling

Wild Soundscapes is the first comprehensive guide to listening to--and recording--nature. Learn how to tune in to nature's biophonies, or creature symphonies; how to use simple microphones to hear more; and how to record, mix, and play with sounds you gather. Keep it simple or launch yourself into a new creative field. Whether you're an amateur naturalist, novice field recordist, musician, want to create your own natural sound library, or just want to gain further appreciate of the natural world, this is the book for you.

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Yet we encounter a rich cultural heritage of city sounds presented in text, radio and film. This might be regarded as the purpose of sonic studies in general today and it is also the primary aim of the Journal of Sonic Studies JSS : how can we understand the impact and importance of sound, both on an individual and a general cultural level?

JSS thus provides a platform for theorists and artists who would like to present relevant work regarding the sonic environment. Are you ready to be among the first to test a new travel guide?

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Do you love music and are curious about new games and challenges? Then the smartphone application, Stockholm Sounds, is your perfect travel companion. It will take you to unexpected places and offer gaming experiences you can only get with this app — a one of a kind way to discover Stockholm. This is project in Lisbon is presenting a variety of interesting programs about urban life and soundscape.

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One is called "Echoes - Experiences of Listening and Place". Video: If Wilderness Could Speak. At Olympic National Park the wilderness doesn't just speak Enjoy the symphony of nature in one of the most acoustically diverse wilderness areas of the country as we follow the wilderness cry from the alpine region of the Olympic Mountains down through the canopies of the old growth forests and temperate rainforest into the raging waters of the wilderness coast.

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